Thursday, November 25, 2010

air mata

 how does it feel when ......
                ' u see someone in pain,yet u can't do nothing '
' u see him / her in tears, but what u can do is just watching from a distance n silent'
 ' u feel something wrong wit him / her but u dont have d guts to know d reason' or else u don even care about dat...
  ' u want to help someone, but then..u dun even have a strength to take d action because of ur worries...or bccoz u r too afraid of wat others might say ..what others might feel....'
           ' u want to say wat ur heart contents out loud...but still do u have d courage to do it soo? '
 ' u may reach the  decision but why u contemplate it so hard ?  bcoz of the perspective of others ? '
" u may consider to soothe others...but how come it seldom turn out d way u wanted? "

yeah...people said  action speaks louder than words but does dat mean that all what u wanted to say have 
been really spoken?.......?????

ini ialah cerita seorg sahabat...yg telah meninggalkan aku bwat selamenye..known him since form 4.
..camping..sgt ceria..friendly...n ak x pham nape tyme tu...suke sgt mengendeng ngan aku...(of coz there is 
 a reason) one thing yg ak sgt igt bout him...mse ak tournament kat skola len...sggop dye dtg...ntok ape? 
phm2 sndri....mntak my gmba n show off to his mum..haha...siap ltak dlm album..bpk mkin lme
 kawan...ak makin jrg agkat kol dye..jrg bls msg dye..n one a call...said that dye koma... at that time..
.sgt2 terkjot..sgt2...but ak kat mtrix..really wish ak dpt g least seeing him .. encouraging him..
.all i could do was kept praying n praying...hoping he will be ...esoknye...he's gone..if only i can at least 
seeing.him for  the last time..( by d way ..koma sbb accident langgar lari...) how cruel human beings are?..n smpi skarunk 
ak xde courage nk bwang no tlepon dye.penah sekali ak kol..herrmm..n thinking dat d fact ak x agkat fon kol dye
...msg...made me feel worst...n i really hope yg he'll be fine "there"..smoge Allah mmberkati roh mu wahai shabat...


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